Today's Events

So i went to the doctor today. 
I'm one centimeter dilated. 
Which is great!!!
Because that means she won't be late. 
Well, hopefully.
I also had an u/s and she's 6 pd 3 oz.
I've gained around 20 pounds.
The doctor said it looks like I'm all baby :)
Meaning, I'm tiny and the small tummy i have is no fat.
Hopefully the doctor isn't wrong.
I'd be so happy!!!
Everything seems to be going great.
With no problems so far.
And, I'm hoping to keep it that way :)
After the doctor, I got my nails done.
Toes and Hands.
Since, I don't know when she'll be coming.
I also bought the doggy for visiter to sign when they go see my daughter at the hospital.
But, can you believe they didn't have the advice book!!!
Which, i want over the decorations.
I mean I thought about it.
And people will be bringing me balloons and flowers.
Pink, ones at that.
So why decorate when they will do it for me :p
Let's see I made a few calls.
One to where I currently work at.
My boss doesn't know if she wants me working.
She's to scared I'll go into labor at work since I'm already dilated.
Which, I think is cute and funny.
But, I like working so hopefully she let's me.
I then went to dinner at Steak&Shake.
It was very tasty.
Now I'm seating on my bed writing.
Going to end the day with a nice nap now.

Hope You All Enjoyed You Day

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