In Your Second Life.

How many of you have pets?
Well I have two adorable dogs. 
One bird but you can't really cuddle with a bird. 
Anyways, I was talking to my dad and he mentioned that he would LOVE to be a dog in his second life. 
Granted, we don't really believe in second life and what not but going on. 
I asked why. 
He said there's no rent, they feed you, you sleep when you want. 
It just seems a lot easier than being human at the moment. 
I giggled and agreed. 
My dogs are terribly spoiled. 
Mostly, by my mother. 
I'd love to have the life they do. 
They get so much love and attention ALL the time. 
I would love that. 
I mean how many of you would love to have no worries? 
I know I would !!!
Although, not all dogs are not always as lucky as my dogs. 
Some go though hard times; just like humans. 
My father and I both agree. 
At the moment we wish we were MY dogs. 
No worries!!! 
No Stress!!!
What a wonderful life!!!

What would you like to be in your second life ?

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