Idea's For Hospital Room

April is Friday !!!
So time to start planning for the hospital stay. 
Baby Bag, Check.
My Bag, Check. 
So what else? 
What's next?
Well I had a GREAT idea. 
Why not doctorate my hospital room?
With PINK decorations. 
So, i went to party city to take a look. 
I found a really cute baby shower set, I want !!!
I believe the set is called;
"Little Princess"
It's pink and green. 
The perfect colors. 
But, why stop there?
Well, I'm not!
I'm also going to buy a PINK doggy people can sign. 
Only if they come to visit my princess at the hospital if course. 
And just one more little thing i plan on adding as well. 
Nothing big. 
Something Simple and Helpful. 
An Advice Book :)
Good Ideas Right?
Well, I think so. 
Since when i took the hospital tour; I only saw blue rooms. 
And I'm not having a boy. 
I'm having a girl!!!
So i need to make myself feel at home. 
Make my daughter feel welcomed into the world. 
Make Everything Perfect <3

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