Way To Long

So honestly it's been way to long since I've been on. 
And I need to start writing again!!! 
I miss and not only that it helps my stress level go down by a lot. 
Which is most needed at this point. 
Anyways, I moved in with my ex now boyfriend since the last time I've been on. 
I've been happy.
Yes, there's a but, isn't there always ?
I miss my family A LOT. 
Not that I don't see them.
I just don't seem them as much as I'd like too. 
And some of my family don't approve my relationship.
Which hurts me!!!
Then again, I can't make everybody happy. 
I need to make myself and my daughter happy first!
I've learned that now.  
Although I do wish I was home sometimes.
I'm happy to be with someone I love everyday of my life. 


This is where I work as a key holder now.
And I LOVE it. 
I could ask for better co-workers


There's this guy. Who's now considered an adult. 
Yet acts like a child. Has a child. 
And nothing can get him to grow up. 
He does what he wants because that's how he is. 
He could careless about any one but himself. 
What to do ?


He's still a child!!!

What a let down !!!

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First Sleep Over

Today is my daughters first sleep over is today. 
With her Best Friend!
How exciting!!!



When everything seems to be going well. 
Something happens. 
And it goes down hill