Being Thankful

How many stories to you hear a day? 
That are actually true on top of that? 

I hear a number of them. 
But there is one that really stood out. 
Not only because i know it's true. 
Because it also remind me of how thankful i am. 
For everything!!!
I mean everything!!!
Especially my life. 
We never know when it's going to end. 
Or how we'll go in the end. 
I know everyone has heard the line "Be thankful for what you have"
I mean i've even used it on people. 
Because it's true
But the one think i believe we should most be thankful for is our lives. 
Yes, we should be thank for the roof over are heads and the food on the table. 
But just think of how many don't have that in their lives. 
You'd think they'd be miserable and always in the worse mood. 
But not at all. 
They are the most thankful people on this planet. 
Well most; some more than others.
They know even though they don't have as much as others do. 
They are thankful for what they have. 
Which many others aren't. 
We need to learn!
Not to take ANYTHING for granted. 
Because once it's gone. 
It's gone. 
Were not getting it back. 
Especially, if it's a love one <3

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