Though I'm young I've been though a lot. 
Not all bad. 
But not all good. 
Just a normal person like everyone else with problems in their lives. 
Have you ever noticed everyone always says the same thing?
"I've been though a lot."
We have ALL been though a lot. 
But, one thing people aren't so great about is . . . Forgiving!!!
I won't lie i wasn't very good at it myself. 
But I've learn that forgiving makes me feel so much better. 
It's like this HUGE wait taken off your shoulders. 
Honestly, what's the point in not forgiving?
Forgiving and forgetting is two different things. 
I forgive because I'm a strong person. 
Also because I don't want the extra weight on my shoulders. 
Stress is needed; so why cause it ?
Let's not :)
Let's enjoy are lives while we can. 
Let's Forgive. 
Let's Forget If We Choose. 

We don't need to be friends with the one's we forgive. 
But for our own health let's forgive. 

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