April 2011

April is quickly approaching.
 Usually, it only mean my birthday is coming up. But, this year is much different. This year something a million times better than just my birthday is happening!!!
Can you guess what that is? 
Well, let me inform you that my daughter is due April 15, 2011. 
Yes!!! I'm having a baby girl. 
How exciting right? 
Something that's even cooler is that her due date is my birthday. 
What an AMAZING birthday gift!!!
Besides, the fact that i might be in LOADS of pain on my birthday. 
In the end it'll be more than 100 percent worth it. 
Just the thought of holding my daughter my first child in my arms makes me want to cry of happiness. Just knowing I'm going to be mommy makes me the happiest person on this Earth.
I may be young mommy but I'm going to do WHATEVER it takes to make my daughter happy. 
Young mom's are just as good as any other mom's. 
I have a good head on my shoulders and that's all i need to succeed. 
School, work, and my daughter is a lot to handle. 
But, if your me than your up for the challenge.
And ready to prove the world you can do whatever you set your heart on. 
No wall is to tall or to big!!!
I can and will get though anything in my path <3


  1. You rock and will succeed as long as you set your mind to it. I am also a young mom, due the same day as you and I work, go to school and have a 3 yr old so I know you will be able to do it. Just make all the negative comments more motivation for you to succeed :D

  2. :) exactly what Krissy said!

    You'll be just fine!
    And yay for your blog!!