Poor People.

So today's topic is about poor people. 
I'm not talking about I have no money to go out. 
I have no money to buy that dress and top you want. 
I'm talking about the people who are homeless and beg for money. 
The ones who lost there homes because they couldn't pay for it. 
Because they lost their jobs in this horrible economy!!! 
I really dislike seeing them on the street. 
Not because they're dressed horrible or because they smell.
And most of them due drugs and drink. 
I just feel bad most of the time. 
I sometimes say I'm poor. 
But at least I have somewhere to go at night. 
If I'm cold I can go get a blanket. 
If I'm hungry I can get a bit to eat. 
These people can't!!!
Some have families which is even worse. 
The number of people living on the streets is horrible !!!
Police complain the government complains. 
Do something about it. 
My thoughts is to send them ALL to the army
Have them do something with their lives. 
Instead of getting arrested ALL the time. 
Some even do it on purpose to they can go to jail. 
Have somewhere to sleep and get a meal. 
They rather be in jail than on the street and who can blame them?!
Place to sleep and food. 
In colombia where my parents are from they have a system. 
When you graduate you ether go to college or sign to be in the military. 
They don't want people cause trouble on the street. 
Since they started this system the crime rate has gone down. 
I mean if you drop out of college and become a bum. 
That's your own fault. 
But sadly; Life is how it is. 
And if I enough money to start a program. 
To help people I would. 
People actually want help. 
People who want to change for the better. 
People who want a good life. 

=>This post was longer than I thought it would be. 
This is my thoughts and as well as a vent.
Sorry it's so long!!!
I just had A LOT to say :]

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