My Current Discovery

My phone broke so i needed to go to radio shake. 
So i get there I eat because I'm a fatty.
Buffalo Chicken Sub. 
Anyways, after I ate and bought my phone I started looking for a dress. 
I'm going to this graduation on the 26th. 
Well at least the breakfast. 
My daughter still doesn't have her shots. 
Well getting back to my discovery. 
I went into a store called dELiAs
Tried on this long tribal maxi shirt.
And yes i fell in LOVE with it.  
I even have a butt in it. 
It's a bit long though. 
But nothing a sewing machine can't handle. 
Now, I'm on the hunt for more.
It's perfect for summer.
Are my favorite things to wear. 
Don't forget the heels too ;]

What do you like?

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