ABC Montessori Jupiter Academy Review

So I'm looking for a pre-school for my daughter. 
This school was my first stop. 
It's located in Jupiter, FL
For all you fellow bloggers who live near by. 
Anyways, i went took a nice tour of the school. 
Teachers i met were nice. 
They were also in ratio as well. 
Which, is always a plus.
I met the owner while i was there. 
Actually, she's the one who gave me the tour. 
She was amazing outgoing and energetic.
Something you don't see often at all. 
Not only that she's there everyday. 
Well, at least every time i went there. 
Which was only a handful of times. 
But, still you can tell she cares a GREAT deal about her school. 
Her name is Martha Bereicua she is truly a wonderful person.
I like her a great deal.
But like anywhere and everywhere they ALL have their pros and cons.
For example, the teachers i met were nice and friendly.
I especially enjoyed watching the two year olds.
Boy do those teachers have energy.
Dancing and do arts in craft with them.
The other class is a mix of ages from 3 to 5.
Hint the word Montessori in the schools name.
I don't know about you but i don't know a whole lot about Montessori schools.
I like the idea though.
Where older can help younger kids.
It's a cute concept.
But on the other hand they can get beat up by older kids right?
Well, i think that's me just over thinking things.
You look for ALL the good and bad.
Which is normal as a parent or a parent to be.
Getting back to the school!
The school has a number of playgrounds.
Filled with cute and simply toys.
They also have little bikes.
Which they seem to enjoy a lot.
They also serve breakfast, lunch, and snack.
So you don't have to bring any food unless your under the age of one.
So we can check off the following on are check list;
Owner, Teachers, Playground, Food.
So far so good.
I didn't met the director so we can list her anywhere at the moment.
But i will keep you updated for sure.
Let's see what else do we need to check off are list?
Well, they have nap time for those who want and don't want.
Of course, it's up to the parents not the kids.
Now about the prices.
It depends on the age group.
Which is completely understandable.
It also depends if you have government help or not.

For More Information

700 South Orange Avenue, Jupiter, FL
Number(561) 575-4331 

Google Maps

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