La La La. 
Easy Day At Work. 
To Easy :)
I made some arts&craft. 
Hopefully, I'll be there when the kids make them!
Another teacher and I made some samples. 
They ALL look so cute. 
Besides my napkin flower,. 
But, that's okay because it looks like a butterfly. 
We did this during nap time since it's long. 
I'm super excited for her class to make them now. 
Anyways, I was only there till 3. 
So it was a short day for me. 
I came home changed and went to work with my sister. 
She works at carvel yummy!!!
While I was out some guy showed are house. 
Don't know if they people liked it loved hated it. 
I'm kinda hoping the last one. 
I don't want to move
But we have too ):
Oh wells, will get though anything as a family. 
Even with a new baby in the picture. 
Bills are just to high these days. 
So, we have to make changes. 
Even when we rather not. 

Wish us luck and send us blessings<3

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