It's The Day To Vent!

Black, White, Purple, Orange,Blue, Poor, Rich, Young, Old, Fat, Skinny, Pretty, Ugly.
No matter what or who you are; In the work force you should always been treated equally. 
I work where everyone SHOULD be equal!!!
Besides, two people. 
The owner and her assistant. 
Everyone is pretty much the same. 
I mean it's totally normal to have favorites. 
I get it completely!!!
But, ether way you should treat everyone equally. 
I know i get a little more attached to some kids than other. 
But when they do something right they are all praised the same. 
When they do something bad they all are punished in the same way. 
Duh! It's like the number ONE rule. 
But, apparently some people don't know how to there jobs correctly. 
Or shall I say, some people just don't know how to be professional.
One thing is if you don't like someone you work with.
But if your an equal to them and being treated less.
There is what i call a problem!!!
For example, they'll take advantage of it.
Like they have at where I'm at.
I mean,
I love spend time with kids.
I really do.
And the owner is more than amazing.
But, I don't know if i want to go back.
After, I have my daughter; I mean.
Why, go back to somewhere you don't feel is fair.
 I know life isn't fair and things aren't fair.
But still !!!
I'm not the kind of person who can stay quite for very long.
I don't like people, like the owner of this school be taken advantage of her passion for the school.
As well as, I would say something to the person who isn't treating everyone the same.
Can you say fired!!!
So what's the point of going back?
I would love to help here, out of ALL places.
But with that assistant NO THNAK YOU.
Learn To Smile Lady!
You Have A Job! 
Good One!

Vent Over !!!

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