Way To Long

So honestly it's been way to long since I've been on. 
And I need to start writing again!!! 
I miss and not only that it helps my stress level go down by a lot. 
Which is most needed at this point. 
Anyways, I moved in with my ex now boyfriend since the last time I've been on. 
I've been happy.
Yes, there's a but, isn't there always ?
I miss my family A LOT. 
Not that I don't see them.
I just don't seem them as much as I'd like too. 
And some of my family don't approve my relationship.
Which hurts me!!!
Then again, I can't make everybody happy. 
I need to make myself and my daughter happy first!
I've learned that now.  
Although I do wish I was home sometimes.
I'm happy to be with someone I love everyday of my life. 

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