Why Do You Blog?

Why do you blog?
Do you enjoy it ?
Is something to do?
Does it release stress ?
What does blogging do for you?

Well, for me it's pretty simple. I enjoy writing. I always have. 
Plus it's a place to vent and say whatever I want. 
Kinda like a diary people can read. 
Sure diary's are suppose to be private.
But I don't post anything I don't want people to know.
But i don't really have much to hide. 
I like writing here. 
It's a past time. 
One i really enjoy doing. 
That and my word searches :p
I dislike when people ask me why I blog. 
Or when they tell me it's stupid. 
I enjoy it. 
Doesn't mean you have too. 
Everyone is different. 
You do what you like. 
And I'll do what I like [:

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