What Do You Think

Do you think it's even remotely possible for someone who has done so much evil and horrible things to someone else is able to change?
I mean how can someone who acted like such a MONSTER and say they've change?
Is it really TRUELY possible?

I know someone who cause so much hate upon someone he NOW claims to love. 
Should she believe him? 
This person didn't care what emotional abuse he caused her. All he cared about was her MONEY MONEY MONEY. Granted she wasn't rich she work and when she had money he took. He turned on his charm and persuade her to get him this and that. He was even nice enough to throw in some fake 
"I love yous
in there. To make it sound real.
What a smart kid! 
You would think so. 
But nope not smart at all!
Due to the fact that now he wants to be with her. 
They do have a child together and he wasn't there at all. 
For the baby nor her. 
So why do you think he wants to be with her now. 
He claimed to HATE her with ALL his heart. 
He also NEVER wanted to meet his child. 
He caused her not to feel like she used to.
What make this BOY change his mind?
Did he turn into a MAN over night?
Or is it something different?
I couldn't honestly say what change this persons mind. 
What I know is she was nice enough to let what we call called sperm donor at the time. 
Meet the baby and no surprise here. 
He fell in love with the baby!!! 
I'm telling you once he saw that face he wanted to be there for his baby.
Since now we can actually call him the father. 
But now the mother too?
Since then I've talked to this person.
He told me he finally realized that he NEEDED her. 
Not WANTED but actually NEEDED her. 
Not going to lie i said "awe"
Anyways he told me what a jerk he was and blah blah blah.
Still should she even give him a chance ?
His the father of her baby!
But then again he was nothing but a monster to her. 
I finally came to a conclusion!
Don't go easy on him!!! 
Remind him what you went though. The hurt he caused you. Remind him of EVERYTHING thing. No matter how LITTLE or how BIG it was. It all counts. You have a baby now. No more fun and games. If he wants to be with you. He'll put up with ALL the bull s**t you give him. 
Since you did the same at one point!

:) The End (:

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