To Up the Downer of My Quotes.

Let's lighten up the day. 
After my quotes for today

Well surprisingly daughter's father and I are getting along great. 
About time and finally !!! 
Were seeing eye to eye and it's making everything so much better :) . 
Which is ALL someone can ask for. 
I wanted my daughter to have a father and she does. 
Even though I feel like my family is trying to push him away so he goes away. 
And never return.
I know it's horrible 
But anyways;
His strong enough to stay!!!
  His FINALLY changing for the better! 
So, to my family in your face
His not going to let you push so far that he leaves his daughter behind. 
And his actually here. Not for me but for OUR daughter. 
Which makes me EXTREMELY happy.
Though I can't share with most people. 
I can share with you :)

Another up my daughter is already trying to seat up. 
She's a strong little one. 
I'm so in love with my daughter. 

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