What to do!

So I'm the kind of person to try to make people happy. 
Like i do what they want or try to please them. 
But what do you do when you can't please everyone?
No matter what I say or do. 
I can't please everyone in my current situation. 
I'm so lost!!!
I just want to cry all the time. 
There is honestly NOTHING in the WHOLE WORLD i can do. 
You tell me to do what I think is best. 
Then I do and you bash me for it. 
Honestly it's not needed. 
Sometimes I wish I could just pack up and leave
Everything will be all better. 
But I live in the real world! 
Not in a fairy tell! 
We may wish we did. 
We just don't!!!
So now what to do?
Who do I please?
I just want to make everyone happy):

I just don't want to isolate myself again. 
I want to be able to talk to you people. 
Not become depressed and keep to myself. 
But you guys make it so hard for me to do so. 

Ugh I need help!

1 comment:

  1. it is impossible to please everyone, especially those who really only feel in control of you. I say focus on you and what's best for yourself and your daughter. Anyone who wants to get in the way doesn't matter all that much anyways. :)