Welcoming Party!

It's time to celebrate and I'll tell you why!!!
My daughter is home :)
We came home yesterday at 12:15p.m
Which is the reason I didn't blog yesterday. 
Anyways, she was seven days early. 
She was due on my birthday. 
Sadly that didn't happened ): 
But I'm so thankful she's here and okay. 
So now I want to throw a welcoming/birthday party. 
Something not to big but a fun gathering. 
So everyone can met my daughter with out touching her :p
And celebrate my birthday so I don't have to throw two parties. 
I didn't have a baby shower or anything like that so I want a welcoming party. 
So let's start planing the party :)
If I have it this weekend I need to think FAST!!!
Food; nothing to fancy maybe Pizza because it's cheaper :p
Decorations; from deals or party city. 
Hopefully my friend can give my mommy a discount. 
Since my mom would have to do it. 
I'm stuck on bed rest basically. 
I can't do anything besides walk to the bathroom. 
As well, as the changing table and crib. 
I guess it's okay because I'm in some sort of pain.
From being sewed up!!! 
Not fun at all. 
Anyways, she's sleeping so i must plan now while I can. 
Hopefully, my mother doesn't say she's to little :p
I'll keep you posted. 

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