My Mommy&I

So this is my mother and I on mothers day. 
Well, guess what I'm laying here in Labor and Delivery.
And who's with me ?
Not my my daughters father. 
No way!!!
My mother is. 
Becoming prego at such a young age was actually one of the most AMAZING things that could have ever happened to me. Sounds wired right? Well, let me explain why it's actually such an AMAZING thing for me. Besides me becoming a MOMMY today. Which I'm totally excited about :) My bond with my own MOTHER has become so much strong. Her and I used to butt heads like no other. But even though i realized this before i seemed to have forgotten. That no matter what she's ALWAYS been there for me. And when i say ALWAYS i mean ALWAYS
Not all girls are as lucky as me!!!
Some don't have mom's 
Some have mom's who don't care. 
And that's something i NEED to remember. 
That I'm one of the lucky ones. 
I really am!
Even though my mother and i WILL fight again. 
We will butt heads and what not kill each other at times. 
In the end she's ALWAYS there for me. 
As I am for her <3

My mother and I are so much alike. 
Not only do i have her good looks as you can see from the picture. 
But i have her very mean attitude when I'm mad. 
So. . . 
I'm hoping my daughter doesn't break the trend and looks like my mother&I
As, for the attitude we don't but heads like my mom and I do if she doesn't have it :)
So let's pray she's nice and stays that way. 

Wish me luck and and a great labor&delivery. 
Have an AMAZING day! 

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