Are you a crafty person?
I know I'm not.
But that doesn't stop me. 
I still make things here and there. 
I might have to look it up. 
But, I do it :)
I love doing arts and crafts with little kids. 
They are so creative and funny. 
Some thing are just to cute for words. 
Others, well your not even sure what it is. 
Just seeing the excitement on there face is rewarding. 
Seeing how much fun they're having is amazing. 
Tomorrow, I'm going to be helping out at a day care. 
Super excited; even though I don't know if I will feel the same way once I wake up. 
Tomorrow, is Monday and not a big fan of Mondays :p
So, I'm looking up some ideas. 
Spring Ideas! 
Easter Ideas! 
Anything cute for this month. 
So, I'm searching the internet and I find the cutes ideas. 
How to make bunny ears, flowers, birds. 
All sorts of cute ideas. 
Hopefully, we'll be able to make one tomorrow. 
I'll be sure to post a picture if we do :D

For any teachers out there or parents who like to do crafts with the kids. 
Here's the site. 
I don't mind sharing :)

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