Are bond is OVER!!!

So let's put it this way. 
My mother doesn't understand me. 
I can't talk to her without her going crazy. 
Or at least having this rude voice that's annoying. 
I told her I'm scared to talk to you, you always go crazy. 
I rather talk to my dad his so much more calm and understanding. 
My mom just wants me to go crazy and start doing whatever I want. 
I'm sure she won't be happy then. Especially because I would take my daughter
Where I go she goes. Don't tell me to make choices if your not if your not going to let me do them!
I respect the fact I live with my mother so I must ask her permission for everything. But she always says NO!
So what's the point?
I'll just start rebelling again. 
There's no other way. Sadly. 

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